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Fundacion ADAN

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How we help animals in Nicaragua


We take animals off the streets and put them into caring homes.

Surgery and Vaccines

Many animals from the streets have tics, diseases and have open wounds. With your help we can give them a new chance.

Spay & Neutering

The best service we can do for the dogs that are still on the streets are castrating them. That is the long term solution for avoiding animals without any social security system to protect them.

Fundacion ADAN – Non profit NGO Managua

We are a team of 20 people working without any salary with animal rescue Nicaragua.
Animal abuse is still the norm in this Nicaragua, even though the Law §747 – Animal Abuse Act was passed in 2008.
Animal rescue nicaragua.

Numbers of Animals Saved 2015

How You are helping us:


Without food, nobody can be happy and healthy.
One bag 66lbs of Economax dog food costs 30$, and our 180 animals eats 180 pounds per day.
A donation of one bag per month would help us tremendously!


By adopting one of our 180 animals, you will get a partner for life.
Nobody is more happy and grateful than animals taken off the street and into the caring arms of kind human beings.


All animals deserve health, and by vaccinating our dogs we prevent dangerous diseases from spreading.
Vaccines are not healthy in themselves, but they stop deadly diseases from killing many dogs, and since vaccines are expensive we cannot afford to buy the amounts we need.

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